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Gary Carson was famous in the third grade for a series of grisly monster stories he pecked out on a typewriter and read in front of his class.

He created a scandal in Junior High School with another story--a lurid James Bond ripoff that landed him in the counselor's office and was eventually read by the entire faculty, including the school nurse.

In college, he lost his edge for a while under the influence of liberal academics. He wrote dull, literary short stories and poetry that appeared in various campus magazines and other bird-cage liners. He was included in an anthology of boring poets in Kansas City, Missouri.

Later, he got back on track by dropping out and writing features for The Westport Trucker, an underground newspaper that ran headlines like "WHO STOLE JFK'S BRAIN???"

He worked for two years as an obit reporter, feature writer and beer taster for the Kansas City Times and had several page-one bylines. After leaving the paper to dry out, he wrote a freelance astronomy column and worked briefly as a freelance editor, rewriting manuals for the City Administrator's office--a cushy scam that he hoped would never end.

When it did, he sold out to the corporate regime, working as a programmer, network administrator and general IT monkey in Kansas City and San Francisco. He currently lives in Nevada--the land of legalized prostitution, quickee divorces, toxic waste dumps, UFO's and the giant radioactive tarantula.

Update: recently laid off during a company merger, he plans to relocate to Missouri and write full time until he either breaks through or starves to death.